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 For Your Safety: Important Online Security Warning!

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PostSubject: For Your Safety: Important Online Security Warning!   Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:00 am

For Your Safety: Important Online Security Warning!

Your safety is important. Due to a rash of cyber-bullying related deaths, it is important to report any online harassment immediately to local law enforcement authorities (and board moderators).

Please be advised that due to
ongoing security issues, some web, email/memo/other legal content has been illegally altered and/or omitted (possibly in an attempt to make documents less readable, or delay, or even to remove completely from the e/mailing or internet system).

However, you are advised that the same individuals may also be responsible for such
criminal acts at large,
both within the intranet systems as well as on land. And as such, you are advised to please 'Cc:' any copies of any email or hard communication or other document to yourself so that you can review your documents/content and report any COPYRIGHT violations as well as other FCC violations as may be necessary (being post 9/11) to the appropriate Federal authorities within your municipality/Ville.

If this site and/or any of it's affiliates and/or pages appears altered to include copyrights violations involving for example; illegal dissemination of nudity, inappropriate language and other illicit or/and explicit, illegal content inappropriately (illegally) inserted into works intended for public consumption—) Please report it !

Best regards,

Jan Johnson
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Please Note:FCC (FEDERAL) regulations do not allow for violations of internet protocols (including unauthorized access/site/board jumping) ]. --
This message, including any attachments, is intended for the sole use of the individual or/and entity to whom it is addressed only and if you are not the intended recipient, or/and you have received this message in error, you are hereby notified that any use, copying, distribution or/and illegal alteration and disclosure of the contents and information (here) within is expressly prohibited. Thank you.

['Gender Battery' as well as this and other (more detailed) definitions (including 'Parenthal-Brackets™' [ - ] -as described are the trademarks of
J. Johnson-and may not be reproduced without expressed permission except by Medical (MD) and Legal professionals (JD/investigating officers) only in the due course of an official/formal determination and rendering of such opinion as appropriate.-- all rights reserved)]]. Last updated 10/22/2013

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For Your Safety: Important Online Security Warning!
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