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 Why You Should Drink Water and Avoid Coffee...

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PostSubject: Why You Should Drink Water and Avoid Coffee...   Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:05 am

Why You Should Drink Water and Avoid Coffee

For those with diabetes and obesity issues, Coffee, not unlike other caffeinated beverages, has been linked to type2 diabetes activity. However, in the past researchers proposed that possibly decaf coffee drinks would be beneficial to diabetics in the long run. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The research just in indicates that all coffee has a destabilizing effect on patients with diabetes and obesity related diabetes issues (bka same health risk factors emerge when drinking decaf or regular coffee beverages).

And So, even if diabetes is not a health-risk for you, when trying to hydrate or refresh your body, have a cool glass of water instead of that coffee (or soda).

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Why You Should Drink Water and Avoid Coffee...
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