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 How To Distinguish Very 3cdCurly From 4aCoily

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PostSubject: How To Distinguish Very 3cdCurly From 4aCoily   Tue May 07, 2013 7:21 pm

Q: How do you tell a type3cdcurly from 4acoily ?

I thought I was a 4A, but I attended a natural hair workshop recently and the instructor said I'm 3C. Her guideline for deciding between 3C and 4A is: if your hair is curly when wet it's 3C; if kinky when wet 4A. I never heard that before. Has anyone here?-- The New Black

I never heard that either.

The way I heard it was that if you had a more uniform (spirally, corkscrew, etc) then it was curly (which can stretch or shrink by the way depending on the type of curly (some curls are just tighter/smaller/dryer than others...

But if it was more watch spring-like or wiry, it was coily which might require use of more product to achieve a uniform curl appearance...

Hope This Helps.

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How To Distinguish Very 3cdCurly From 4aCoily
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