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 Top 10+ (The Short List)

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Top 10+ (The Short List) Empty
PostSubject: Top 10+ (The Short List)   Top 10+ (The Short List) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 22, 2013 1:37 pm

Top 10+ (The Short List)

1. Paul Mitchell Glistening Drops [1abc, 2ab]
2. Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee [2bcd, 3ab]
3. Aveda Confixor Gel [2abcd, 3abc]
4. Kiehl’s Silk Groom [1abc, 2abcd, 3a]
5. IC Fantasia [Clear] Gel w/ Sparkle Lites [2d, 3cd, 4a]
6. Artec Textureline AeroMousse [2d, 3bcd, 4a]
7. Wetline Extreme Styling Gel [4abc]
8. Eco Styler [Clear] Gel [3cd, 4abc]
9. Graham Webb Making Waves [2abcd, 3a]
10. Carol’s Daughter Hair milk [2d, 3cd, 4abc, 5abc, 6ab]
11. Karen’s body Beautiful Hair Milk [2cd, 3abcd, 4a]

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Top 10+ (The Short List)
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