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 Darn Fairy Knot Demons!

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PostSubject: Darn Fairy Knot Demons!   Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:23 pm

Darn Fairy Knot Demons!

Q: How in the heck is it that ever so often I find these weird little single strand knots on some of my strands. I swear it’s not ME?! Am I not detangling enough or something…Do other people have this issue with curly to kinky hair?

A: It seems to be less common among wavies and almost never happens to people with straight hair, but almost EVERYONE with curly, coily cottony or spongy hair types has had this same complaint at least once (On the boards we like to refer to them as the little fairy knot demons…Razz). Unless you want to cut them out, all you can really do is ignore them, as most people don’t want to sacrifice their length. Sorry if this isn’t the most helpful response, but it does seem to be prevalent among those with more highly textures natural hair types.

Good Luck!

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Darn Fairy Knot Demons!
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