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 Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite

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Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite Empty
PostSubject: Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite   Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite Icon_minitimeFri Nov 22, 2013 4:47 pm

Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite

1. Walking/Treadmill
2. Eliptical
3. Bicycling
4.  RollerBlading/Skating
5. Squats or Weighted Squats (5-15 pounds of hand weights)
6. Sit ups
7. Pilates
8 Swimming
9. Weight Training
10. Single Leg Supine Extension (Lie on Back, bend right knee  
    with foot on floor, and the other leg should be straight. Lift
    the straight leg off the floor until it is aligned to the thigh  
    of the bent knee. Then raise the hips upward until the  
    shoulder aligns to the bent knee. Pause for 2-seconds then
11. Burpees (A jump, then squat, then a push-up. Do 3 sets of
    ten every 2 days)
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Top Exercises for Eliminating Cellulite
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