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 I {Heart} Spectrum UNREFINED Coconut Oil! Solid A/5-Stars!!!

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PostSubject: I {Heart} Spectrum UNREFINED Coconut Oil! Solid A/5-Stars!!!   Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:18 pm

Coconut Oil is one of those great multi purpose food grade oils that can be used head to toe on top of being able to cook with it.

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing when shopping by price for products and you may not notice that some of the oils say Refined and some say, unrefined. The main difference between Unrefined and Refined products is that, for nutritional purposes alone, Unrefined coconut oil is awesome and there is no risk of additives or bleaching that can occur with the refining process of refined goods.

But, Unrefined products are usually cold-expeller pressed so, they retain more nutrients than would be lost using heated techniques, although they do cost significantly than Refined products.

However, in terms of ecological value to the quality of the product and it’s use as a food supplement or topical, Unrefined products are unparalleled in quality and nutritional impact to the body.

Coconut Oil has fantastic healing properties and in addition to soothing general dryness, has even been used to help control eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin issues. And food grade oils can be more easily absorbed by the body, which makes it a better option than the old Nurses-Remedy (Petroleum Jelly)… Think of your skin as a sponge, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil and natural Vitamin E are all you need head to toe!

But, as with any product it is important to test for sensitivity. Apply a small amount behind the ear, or at the nape overnight to determine if you are allergic to any product before use or ingestion.

Overall, it is the best buy for your nutritional and skin/hair-care needs. I love it and it’s worth every penny!

Our grade: a solid A; or 5 Stars!
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I {Heart} Spectrum UNREFINED Coconut Oil! Solid A/5-Stars!!!
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