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 Easy Fat-Free (Turtle) Brownie Recipe

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PostSubject: Easy Fat-Free (Turtle) Brownie Recipe   Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:12 pm

Easy Fat-Free (Turtle) Brownie Recipe

You Will Need
¾ -1 Cup Sugar
¾ Cup Flour
½ Cup Unsweetened Dark Cocoa Powder
¼ Cup Fat-Free Caramel (optional)
(the density and sweetness of the warm caramel makes a very rich chewy brownie
that requires less added sugar in your final batch)
2 tsp Corn Starch
¼ tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Vital Wheat Gluten
¼ tsp Sea Salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt (finely ground)
2/3 cup Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt or Apple Sauce
* 2 Egg Whites (optional) for cake-like brownies (omit caramel in this step)

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.

2. In large mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients, until well blended.

3. Add yogurt (and caramel) and mix well.

4. Spray an 8x8 baking pan with non-stick cooking spray and evenly spread brownie batter in pan.

5. Bake for 30-35 minutes and remove from oven.

6. Allow to cool before cutting with sharp knife.


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Easy Fat-Free (Turtle) Brownie Recipe
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