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 I {Heart} Oral B Pro-health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush!: Five Stars!/A!!

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PostSubject: I {Heart} Oral B Pro-health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush!: Five Stars!/A!!   Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:32 am

Oral-B Pro Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush is the BEST Battery Powered Toothbrush Of All Time, Period!

I love, love, love the Oral B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush!

Granted this model doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the fancy rechargeable (plug-in) models, but at only a fraction of the price, I promise you, it gets the job done, perfectly!

And overall it is even a better brush than the less expensive Crest Spin Brush (which I also like very much) as the smaller head allows for more thorough cleansing of each individual tooth.

The oscillating bristles thoroughly cleans and massages the tooth, tongue and gum areas of the mouth and leave the areas feeling very clean and refreshed.

**And combined with daily flossing (with regular dental floss) --and weekly use of my handy dandy Waterpik Oral Irrigator (the one with 6 interchangeable heads including the tiny tooth irrigator—so awesome!) and monthly use of my GUM plaque hook scale/scraper thingy, my teeth have absolutely no plaque issues and are looking better than ever.

Sometimes the other stores mark the prices up, so it’s really good to be able to find them here, consistently like this, on Amazon and also there’s another outlet that might be helpful:

(On a side note: If you are trying to move towards more holistic cleansing, you can make your own cleansing tooth powder with equal parts Baking Soda, (freshly ground) unrefined Sea Salt and Calcium Magnesium powder and voila, all-natural Re-Mineralizing tooth powder! A great way to save money and help the environment in the long term as well.)

Overall, this little toothbrush gives great bang for the buck (a great buy)!

Grade: A, or Five Stars!

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I {Heart} Oral B Pro-health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush!: Five Stars!/A!!
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