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 Important Skin Maintenance Tips for Smooth, Clear, Skin!

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PostSubject: Important Skin Maintenance Tips for Smooth, Clear, Skin!   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:55 pm

Important Skin Maintenance Tips for Smooth, Clear, Skin!

A good skin care regimen is about quality over quantity.

In general, daily cleansing of the face, and body should be managed with a very soft, cotton cloth and natural, gentle soap (of less than 8 total ingredients), specifically formulated for cleansing and treating the face and body.

Notably, the skin of the Face, Neck, and Ears is the most delicate skin of the body. And Dermatologic Research has shown that excessive use of exfoliating tools, such as exfoliating/abrasive facial sponges, or facial brushes with bristles, can cause inflammation and even damage to the sensitive skin of the Face/Neck/Ears, so it is important to use such tools sparingly in the facial area.

And to minimize such risks, these areas should not be exfoliated on a daily basis with ‘intensive’, abrasive/exfoliating tool kits such as exfoliating/abrasive facial sponges, or facial brushes with bristles, more than once per Month. Although very soft, non-abrasive facial/body sponges can be used on the skin every other day to stimulate healing and collagen and allow for the skin to rest between use, abrasive products must be used much less-frequently and with caution and restraint.

Also, other more ‘gentle’ exfoliating agents, such as natural Baking Soda, Sugar, Salt, or Oatmeal, should not be used on the Face/Neck/Ears more frequently than once per Week.

While, the Body (from the shoulders, down to feet) can be exfoliated or even shaved more frequently, up to 3-4 days per week (M,W,F, Sa), with exfoliating tools (exfoliating/abrasive facial sponges, or facial brushes with bristles) and/or other exfoliating agents (natural Baking Soda, Sugar, Salt, or Oatmeal), allowing appropriate periods of rest and recovery in between use.

Proper use of exfoliants, which when used properly will leave skin with a healthy, clear glow.

Essential Tools for Great Skin
Spa Sonic 7-Piece Kit (if the exfoliating-facial-brush-head is too harsh for day to day use, the soft, gently facial sponge can be used safely on face every other day, and the exfoliating-body-brush-head can be used on the body every other day).

100% Natural (Soft) Cotton Face/Cleansing Cloth (a must for daily, gently cleansing of entire face and body).

Natural-Cosmetics Handmade Raw African Black Soap (a must-have for sensitive skin issues. Also can be used to control acne, eczema or allergy prone skin).

Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil (All-natural moisturizers, safe for use on face and body (for normal to oily skin issues, use Jojoba Oil, but if skin is very dry, use Coconut Oil with a bit of added Castor Oil, daily for soft, nourished skin).

100% Pure Witch Hazel (alcohol-free) as skin toner (balances pH levels, controls acne).

Panasonic 3-Arc Electric Shaver (for use on face and/or body (under arms, swim-line, legs, body-scaping). Electric shavers tend to be hypoallergenic and also cut down on shave bumps associated with razors. For best results, face should not be shaved more than 2-3 days per week (M, F or M, W, F), and excess body hair should not be shaved more than 3-4 days per week (M, W, F, Sa)-).

Panasonic Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer (great for maintaining brows, sideburns and very light facial hair between weekly shaves for a smooth look).
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Important Skin Maintenance Tips for Smooth, Clear, Skin!
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