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 Day/Night Daily Cleanse Regimen

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PostSubject: Day/Night Daily Cleanse Regimen   Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:49 pm

Day/Night Daily Cleanse Regimen

Day Cleanse Regimen

1. Cleanse-- with a Natural Soap appropriate for your skin type. [Nasabb’s Honey-Oatmeal Soap is great for dry skin. If you're oily or have severe acne, their Plantain Soap (Authentic Black Soap) is good for oily and/or acne prone skin)-Use a natural bristle facial brush to gently exfoliate those dead cells].

2. Tone-- with pure Tea-Tree Oil and small amount of water mixture (it’s all natural and alcohol-free and great for controlling acne in ALL skin types) OR Witch Hazel (it's natural and does not contain as much alcohol as most brand toners and is safe for most skin)... You can also tone with a lemon/lime wedge if you want to be totally organic about it.

3. Moisturize—appropriately for your skin type; for dry skin, try a natural Wheatgerm Oil blend (if skin is superiorly dry, add a few drops of glycerin to it) --note; if you're oily--instead of oils, try plain, all-natural organic Aloe Vera can be used (it calms the skin and will prevent excess oiliness).

4. Treat Acne—with an acne vanishing cream (desert essence blemish touch stick, 4% niacinamide gel or cream, acne free, clearasil or proactiv--)... Just rub it in all over your face a minute or so after you moisturize (and for trouble spots you can use it to spot treat those inflamed bumps at night as well)...

5. Suncreen (Badger, Banana Boat or whatever) is a must regardless of your ethnicity. People of African, Hispanic and Asian ancestry have fastest growing skin cancer rates...

*Note: For those with extremely sensitive skin, a modified acne cleanse regimen may suffice.


Night/Bed-Time cleanse
1. Cleanse face with cold cream or non-foaming cleanser (Ponds original formula cold cream or Aloe Vera --) This is mainly to remove any makeup or debris from the day--only exfoliate in the AM...

2. Tone with tea tree oil or lemon/lime wedge (optional, but if you have oily skin, acne or hormonal skin flare-ups, you will need to tone at night as well)

3. Moisturize with jojoba oil-wheatgerm oil blend (in winter add a smidge of nursery jelly if needed) Of for oily skin use pure, Organic (edible) aloe vera (lily of the desert)

4. Treat Acne—with an acne mask or vanishing cream overnight (desert essence blemish touch stick, 4%niacinamide gel or cream, clearasil, acne free or proactive--)... Just rub it in all over your face a minute or so after you moisturize (and for trouble spots you can use it to spot treat those inflamed bumps at night as well)...

Hope this helps!

Natural Soap Brands:

1. Nasabb
2. Aubrey Organics

Nasabb natural soaps can be found at:

Aubrey Natural soaps can be found at:


Clearasil Vanishing Acne Control cream and Witch hazel can be found at:
Walgreens or CVS or Rite Aid

Old Fashioned Natural Bristle Wooden Facial Brushes can be found at:

(Rotating/Battery Powered) Facial cleansing brushes can be found at:


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Day/Night Daily Cleanse Regimen
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