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 Mel B. Depressed over 'BAD' Eddie's Bad Parenting

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PostSubject: Mel B. Depressed over 'BAD' Eddie's Bad Parenting   Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:05 pm

Mel B. Depressed over Eddie Murphy's Refusal to See New Baby

1) A 'depressed' Mel Brown Murphy is like seeing a depressed socialite (they don't exist) and 2) If he didn't care for Mel B. he really wouldn't/should not have entered into the seroius role of co-parent with her in the first place. It's really unfortunate that an innocent baby has to suffer for the stalkerazzi-esque sensationalist-rag-style lack of tact/accuracy/taste/proprietie/etc...

We say "Boooo, hisss, mweh, insert colorful adjective, here..., etc...--" And that's OUR take on THAT rotten lie/slanderous tale (pun intended)...
edited to add: FYI: This one is not Mrs. Nicole Mitchell-Murphy’s Ed... For the record….There are a number of production writers named 'Ed Murphy'...
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Mel B. Depressed over 'BAD' Eddie's Bad Parenting
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