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 [Warning] About Your Hair/Skin Care Products' Ingredients!

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PostSubject: [Warning] About Your Hair/Skin Care Products' Ingredients!   Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:29 am

Exclamation What's In Your Products? Exclamation

There are many dangerous carcinogens and ingredients used in commercial and salon products that may be harmful to your health or worsen a pre-existing health condition or sensitivity. It’s important to look for products containing less than 15 total ingredients and are made with natural and/or organic (bio-safe) ingredients in their formulations (that you can actually identify and understand when reading the label).

Great Links You Should View Before Making Any Product (or Salon Service) Purchase !:

Toxic Chemical Ingredients List

Aubrey Organics Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary

Cosmetic Ingredients Reference Guide & Dictionary

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[Warning] About Your Hair/Skin Care Products' Ingredients!
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