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 OCF™ Mini Glossary of Hair Type Terminology

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PostSubject: OCF™ Mini Glossary of Hair Type Terminology   Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:21 am

OCF™ Mini Glossary of Terms- Hair Types

Straight Hair: Type/Sub-types: 1abc
This type of hair has no visible wave, curl, coil, or fluff (cottony to spongy) pattern and is typically characterized as having a pencil straight appearance.

Wavy Hair: Type/Subtypes: 2abcd
This type of hair has a slight waving-to-curling pattern best characterized as having an s-, sideways m or w-esque wave sub-type formation.

Curly Hair: Type/Sub-types: 3abcd
This type of hair has distinctly uniform curling pattern visible to eye and may vary in size or sub-type from long looping [3a] curls to medium to very tightly curled corkscrew [3b] ringlets to an Orphan Annie type curly ‘froish look [3c] to very tight phone-cord curls to coffee stirrer sized ringlets [3d]. Sometimes has soft curly semi-froish appearance.

Coily Hair: Type/Sub-types: 4abc
This type of hair differs from the uniformity of curly hair in that it is distinctly non-uniform in nature as coily hair typically distinguishes itself with a hair pattern that can be described as more wiry watch spring to bedspring coils to squiggles to hair that has a ‘z’ formation crinkled look.

Cottony Hair: Type/Sub-types: 5abc
This type of hair, in true character, literally looks like a giant ball of cotton, cotton candy or like yarn. Cottony hair is usually very soft to the touch, billowy hair, although at times if particularly thick, can wedge slightly lending cottony hairs a more spongy appearance.

Spongy Hair: Type/Sub-types: 6ab
This type of hair is more uniformly compact in appearance and it’s natural texture and is less frizzy than other hair types. As is typical of hair types with literally spongier characteristics, spongy hair wedges easily and can take on a literal sponge-like or eraser-like appearance. Can be medium soft to coarse in texture with varying degrees of thickness.

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OCF™ Mini Glossary of Hair Type Terminology
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