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 How (andWhy) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance

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How (andWhy) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance Empty
PostSubject: How (andWhy) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance   How (andWhy) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance Icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2009 4:02 pm

Aesthetics and Good Health/How (and Why) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance

Q: Can your health (or severe illness) really change/affect your appearance…And if so, is it possible to repair or counter the change to return to normal?

A: In good health, one’s appearance should only improve/become more naturally aesthetically enhanced with age and maturity. Circumstances that may affect your appearance are as follows: 1.) Obesity and/or extreme weight gain (not including or related to pregnancy); 2.) Bulimia OR Anorexia (typically presents as visible skeletal malformity/extreme malnutrition); 3.) Addiction (including, but not limited to deliberate abuse of illegal drugs, narcotics and/or alcohol); 4.) Certain types of terminal illness (i.e., (inoperable) cancer, aids/hiv, lupus, etc…) that have a visibly debilitating effect on the body over the course of the disease through terminal phase.. In terms of countering any potential negative impact such illnesses may have, proper nutrition, diet and exercise under the care of your medical specialist may and can minimize, negate or even offset any potential negative affect of the disease, which is particularly relevant for those who successfully enter remission/no-longer present symptoms and platelets return to normal and/or within an acceptable range of normalcy for general standards of physiology (internal medicines).

Turn Back The Clock, Naturally!

Ever notice how many celebrities well over 30 look years younger than their actual age
(Michelle Pfeiffer, Stacey Dash, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington)? Well, you can too! We now know that a Healthy Diet (lots of water, vegetarian-friendly foods, raw fruits and vegetables, etc), and Exercise (lots of Standing Cardio (walking, cycling, skating/blading), and Pilates) can take years off of your appearance. Even if you have never been into fitness, by adopting a more holistic, healthy lifestyle and wellness approach to fitness, you can lose weight and improve the appearance of your skin, hair and physique naturally!

Essential Daily Foods To INCORPORATE
These are the foods that most support a leaner, healthier fat-burning metabolism and muscle development within the body.-Avoid any foods that are allergy-sensitive.
1. Water (8-10 glasses daily)
2. Daily Multi-Vitamin (Daytrillen or Essential Nectar)
3. Lots of Green, Leafy Vegetables
4. Lots of Fruits
5. Homemade Bean Soup
6. Oatmeal
7. Flax Seed Oil
8. Mushrooms
9. Fat-Free Yogurt
10. Wild Yams (not the same as sweet potato, so read labels carefully)
11. Cashews, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts
12. Seafood or Cod Liver Oil
These are the calories that your body tends to process as sugars to be stored as 9unwanted) FAT… If you are over 40 or need to lose weight, to optimize your calorie burning metabolism, you should eliminate the following foods from your diet, or at least, LIMIT intake to no more than once-a-month for each individual type of food.
1. Pizza
2. Pasta
3. Rice
4. Breads
5. Fried Foods
6. All Sweets and Candy
7. Soda and Other Carbonated Beverages
8. Alcohol
9. Caffiene and frothy Coffee Drinks
10. ALL Fatty Dairy (all dairy intake over age 35 should be fat-free only)
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How (andWhy) Good Health Benefits/Affects Your Appearance
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