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 Why We Still Love Dear Abby...

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PostSubject: Why We Still Love Dear Abby...   Why We Still Love Dear Abby... Icon_minitimeWed Sep 30, 2009 9:22 pm

'Dear Abby' once posted a letter from a guy claiming to be a priest of some sort (clearly not; as all 'priests' regardless of their public titles must be Vatican certified as well as academically certified in the formal theologian and philosophy doctoral studies programs as approved by the Church), identifying himself as (Rev) Alton E. Paris …. In which he incorrectly asserts that the term African American has to do with anything other than a person of African Ancestry (but simply not specified). Now, while we all know that slavery did not and could not exist as kidnapping is simply kidnapping and a person, being a person and not an object (i.e., plant or animal), cannot be owned, thus cannot be enslaved…But that is another story for another day and I refuse to argue with non-intellectuals anymore…

But, anyhoo, to continue, this person laments on and on about how he is of African olor=orange]‘slave-‘ ancestry of some sort--(feel free to insert snort of disbelief, here)] however fails to note that Clearly, as prior to the great-divide-event in which humans exclusively occupied the region/continent today known simply as Africa before the global land shift (historically/scientifically referred to as the Great Continental Divide, bka the great Event) allowed for and created the continental divisions we now call Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and so forth…

Now clearly, being African-American (or European American, let’s say) has absolutely nothing to do with one’s complexion/skin type/color, but merely one’s preferred general, albeit, unspecified ethno-affiliation, as people are medically/scientifically (i.e., genetically) of the genus group Human, without specific classification regard to factors such as retardation or genius, per-say, but we are talking of people as a whole and not of genetic defects, (i.e., retardation, cleft palate syndrome, and other dwarfism related defects, etc.) OR either what scientists classify as genetic superiority (i.e., genius intellect, which naturally lends itself to more natural attractiveness, talent, etc.) and not not the non-intellectual descriptors such as the color black, red, pink, etc., although one’s natural biological complexion will depend on your family’s natural biological genetic presentation (faux ‘tans’ or ‘whiteface’ (Mystic, etc..) are not a natural biological genetic skin presentation, nor are they considered as such as they are not naturally occurring in the genetic makeup of the individual, thus presents an artificial superficial presentation), for example, there are plenty of persons who describe themselves as African (or African-American), but not ‘black’ (myself being a natural Type-I, fairest natural complexion possible included), but it is merely a clarification , just as there are many persons, such as this Alton Paris fellow who identify themselves as African American, but black (however, as most people know at least one of there principal African ethnicities of origin, a crayon descriptor is inappropriate as it is non-intellectual).

For example, People in China know that they are of West African ancestry, however, clearly whether or not to specify is of no consequence and certainly does not imply ‘slave’, and does not preclude any Chinese person or Japanese, let’s say currently residing in and with appropriate citizenry in America from saying simply Asian American, but clearly it has nothing to do with complexion less they specify their natural biological medical skin type as (type, I, or type-2 or type-3 or type-4 or type-5) and certainly has nothing to do with the phrase ‘slave’…. Although clearly there were historically all sorts of folks kidnapped in and/or from Asia, Africa, Europe, (and clearly we cannot leave out the Middle East, where this still occurs, by the way, etc… ), however all those nice folks can still choose to say or not say any ethnicity they want, since how or where they feel closest to is an individual preference and sentiment…. And 'Dear Abby', who is biologically a few shades darker than myself, can still generically European American or African American or specify Polish American, etc., if she wants to or simply American like everybody else, here...

So, as one type-1 porcelain fair human who is and does like to say, 'African American', but not black; to my fellow human Mr. Paris) who says he is African Americans (but black-slave descendant (and still walks around in public with a straight face no less), "forget-you pony boy and the mule you rode in on !" ... People are people, not animals and/or other objects... So, lets leave the purveying of history to the intellectuals and other science folk, eh...?

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Why We Still Love Dear Abby...
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