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 [RIP Brittany Murphy]: How and Why Genetics Matter

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[RIP Brittany Murphy]: How and Why Genetics Matter Empty
PostSubject: [RIP Brittany Murphy]: How and Why Genetics Matter   [RIP Brittany Murphy]: How and Why Genetics Matter Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 2:14 am

How and Why Genetics Matter:

34-year old Brittany Murphy’s death four days before Christmas is a reminder that obesity is a serious disease that kills. Recall that those individuals with a genetic obesity issue are (qualitatively AND quantitatively) more likely to die by or before age 60 than those who don’t have this genetic deficit plus/with obesity presentation; and with obesity also comes additional health issues related to that obesity issue that are separate from the larger genetic defect in general related to the presence of the obesity gene itself (i.e., diabetes type one; all obese individuals have pre existing genetic diabetes type 1 issues AND at some point are diagnosed with onset diabetes type-2).

Brittany Murphy’s obesity issues have been long documented, but also is the fact that such related deaths bring home the fact that even with some weightloss prior to age 50, obese individuals health issues do not end with weightloss [reference Gerald Levert, also who died before age 40 also made public his issues with obesity and his attempts to establish a healthier lifestyle (i.e. diet and exercise)] although all obese individuals do not die at the same rate, what that particular genetic deficit represents is the qualitative marked increased potential for advanced premature death in chronically unhealthy individuals (for example, lets say a person dies at age 100 who is obese; they may have lived an additional 50-75 years or so were they of a normal weight range and genetically in good health).

While it is true that the smarter a person is, the longer their life span is, and the fewer health issues they have or will have (as well as in addition to the more commonly known and ideal attributes, such as being more attractive, fit, overall talented, intellectual, etc.), However, this genetic disparity between what we can refer to as a normally healthy genetic range and a chronically unhealthy genetic deficit, should not prevent such individuals whose genetic history leaves them vulnerable to such chronic and/or terminal health issues such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mongoloidism/retardation/genetic dwarfism deficit deficiency syndrome; [(which would be present at some level resulting in the Quotient variance among lesser/lower intelligent persons (although family members tend to have very low variance in intelligence measures (whether proving of very high intelligence quotient range OR of moderate to extreme intelligence deficiency as the case may be in typical retardation/mongoloidism/dwarfism syndrome presentation/s)] from seeking to achieve and maintain as healthy a lifestyle as/if is (realistically) possible in the interim; reference well known weightloss survivors such as Susan Powter, although older than Brittany Murphy, and having lost more weight, she (Powter) clearly has had a more stabilized overall health status (i.e., health issues that were responding well to medical interventions on top of the natural weightloss).

And regardless of the principal coronary findings it is important to also note that obesity, and related genetic deficiency increases vulnerability/susceptibility to drug and/or alcohol poisoning related deaths as well as the pre-existing risk of terminal heart-failure (presenting as asthma and/or other heart and lung disease and including potentiality of cancer/s activity as well aspossible onset of end stage hiv-aids).

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[RIP Brittany Murphy]: How and Why Genetics Matter
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