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 Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Do) Matter...

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Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Do) Matter... Empty
PostSubject: Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Do) Matter...   Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Do) Matter... Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 10:38 pm

Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Really, Really DO) Matter

Readers’ ‘Letters to the Editor’ are an integral part of any serious (paper) editorial commentary, so when we saw a reader comment on the substandard law enforcement presence, naturally we felt we had to expound upon that mis-interpretation of police protocols. Firstly, law enforcement professionals are highly trained in law, medicine and ethical protocols (i.e., Md, PhD, JDplus+ credentials; remember that cool cop movie when young Denzel is doing his rotation as an area beat detective before starting his rotation as lead prosecutor/da …? Or that one fire movie where Rob Deniro is doing formal double duty as the associate fire chief and chief medical examiner/coroner…? Or maybe that one where Tom Berenger is a priest who is on formal plain clothes/beat cop detail…? Or maybe that old tv show where the coronor solves all the murder crimes as the lead investigator..? Well, anyway, um, yeah, it’s kinda like that, but for Real… ) and they are required to be capable of handling any potential infringement (this is regardless of whether or not any infraction actually occurs or exists) to the lawful benefit and protection of the lawful commonwealth populations at large. Our response to the readers quip to the government of not lowering standards is this, such high standards cannot be lowered, god made law-enforcement personal special (they ain’t MD, PhD, JD plus+ credentialed persons for nothing, but thanks for the thought, however such quips are unnecessary, now if you’re talking about them felons going around conspiring to commit murder by impersonating doctors/lawyers/clerics/politicians and other professionals, not to mention the average ‘Joe’s’ , why don’t you just say so and file a police complaint/report like every one else witnessing such criminal activity…?

Our Point::
Now, authentic ‘Letters to the Editor’ do matter, but, like anything else, crank letters are like filing a false report or failing to report a crime in progress, brought to your attention, … Not only is it inappropriate, but depending on the exact type and intent of the nuisance offence, it can also land you in jail (not to mention those hefty fees for taking up the court’s time….) And that's OUR thoughts on that (non) issue.

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Make Your Voice Heard: Letters to the Editor (Do) Matter...
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