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 Top Tips for Natural Weightloss

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PostSubject: Top Tips for Natural Weightloss   Top Tips for Natural Weightloss Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2012 5:40 pm Weight-loss Tips
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Top Tips for Natural Weight loss
The best way to lose weight is to go natural! You do not need fancy gadgets or expensive gym equipment to lose weight. With consistent efforts, natural weight loss can become a way of life whereas none of the other ways and means can become your lifestyle. Besides, natural weight loss methods are healthy, inexpensive and do not have any adverse side effects.

Over 60% of your weight loss efforts should be directed towards the kitchen. Avoid processed foods, fatty meat, sugar, starch and refined carbs (not only are these excessively high on calories, they also have a high glycemic index that puts you at risk for type-2 diabetes). . Instead, stick to healthy, home cooked meals comprised of complex carbs, essential fats, lean proteins and fruits and vegetables.

1. Early and protein packed breakfast. After an entire night’s work our body begins to starve in the morning (while we were sleeping our various organs and systems were working continuously). The best gift that you can give your body is to have a nutritious and healthy breakfast in the morning. Take your breakfast by 9-9:30 in the morning.

2. Drink lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks such as soda, coffee and bottled juices. Water speeds up your metabolism and promotes muscle repair and recovery. Green tea in place of soda is also effective in reducing bad cholesterol levels and aiding in weight loss.

3. For natural weight loss opt for high-protein based breakfast instead of high-carbohydrates based foods. You can go for soy, beans, peas, eggs, sprouts, mushrooms (rich in protein and vitamins A and B) or any other high protein based foods. You can combine any one of those foods with whole grains like egg or whole grain wheat toast for better nutrition.

4. Eat at regular intervals. And eat smaller portions. Rather than 3 large meals in a day go for 4-5 small meals per day (or 3 small meals and 2 snacks). Small meals eaten at regular intervals help in maintaining blood sugar levels and speed up metabolism in our body. Once the body is reassured that it will get nourishment at regular intervals, it stops storing fat. Also, when we eat every two-three hours we feel full even with small portions. This helps with controlling portion size also. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber also. Aim for salads, green vegetables and fruits (grapefruit, apples, pears) as snacks.

5. Eat fiber rich foods. A daily dose of fiber helps in burning fat faster. The RDA for fiber is 14 grams. You can achieve this by eating salads, sprouts and fruits such as pears or apples (in which the medium ones have around 4 grams of fiber). Optionally, one teas spoon of psyllium husk daily will suffice. Healthy fats can be found in foods like fish, nuts (almonds, etc), seeds, etc. Aim for one serving of these foods per day.

6. Add weights to your routine. Do some amount of strength or weight training on a daily basis. Weight training encourages lean muscle which burns more calories, even while you are resting or sitting. Other activities include, walking, yoga, or stair-climbing exercises.

7. Avoid late dinners. If you don’t exercise, but manage an early dinner each day, you can still lose up to 2kg per month. You should finish dinner by 7pm in the evening. Thereafter at nighttime, you can eat vegetables, salads, clear soup or anything minus carbs and fats.

8. The most important thing is to avoid stressing over weight gain. Weightloss is a process, allow yourself time to lose the weight you have gained to meet your fitness goals.

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Top Tips for Natural Weightloss
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