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 Top Detangling Tips

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PostSubject: Top Detangling Tips   Top Detangling Tips Icon_minitimeFri Nov 22, 2013 9:26 pm

Top Detangling Tips

If you’re having an issue with tangled locks, before you spend loads of $$$$, to have a salon stylist detangle your precious tresses, try these at-home remedies to detangle your hair.

1. Water. Place warm water in a misting bottle and saturate hair, one section at a time and detangle with wide tooth comb.

2. Water + Conditioner. Place warm water plus conditioner in a misting bottle (shake well before use). Basic mix is 50/50 conditioner to water ratio or if hair is really tangled, try a 70/30 conditioner to water ratio.

3. High Slip Conditioner. Using a high slip conditioner such as Suave Bio-Basics, saturate hair thoroughly (in sections) and apply generous amounts of conditioner, which will enable you to work through hair with wide tooth comb for successful detangling.

4. Salon Quality Detangler. In the event that your standard high-slip conditioner fails to provide the quality of detangling needed, using a salon quality high slip detangler such as Kinky Curly Knot Today may be required. Working in sections, saturate hair thoroughly and apply generous amounts of detangler, which will enable you to work through hair with wide tooth comb for successful detangling.

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Top Detangling Tips
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