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 Why College Still Matters

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PostSubject: Why College Still Matters   Why College Still Matters Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2014 1:03 am

Top 4 Reasons Why College Still Matters

1. While it’s true that you can’t BUY class, education however does equal CLASS and
RESPECTABILITY (educated persons are less likely to commitment crimes of violence).

2. Education equals more life OPTIONS (even if you want to be a stay at home spouse, having a
degree means that you still have reasonable lifestyle options and expectations if things get lean
and can support the family also, if it becomes necessary.

3. Education equals unlimited POTENTIAL
a. Training Potential to employers, even if you seek employment outside of your degree field, you
are trainable, therefore more hirable.

b. You are a person who has the potential to complete tasks long term and short term.

c. You are not afraid of making a commitment (not only to yourself, but to others—educated
people tend to seek more stable, healthy relationships).

4. Inspirational to others. An educated person is not just a role-model to their family members,
they are an inspiration to the community at large.
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Why College Still Matters
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