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 Bye-Bye Shave Bumps, Forever (Panasonic ES81035 3-Arc Review)!

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Bye-Bye Shave Bumps, Forever (Panasonic ES81035  3-Arc Review)! Empty
PostSubject: Bye-Bye Shave Bumps, Forever (Panasonic ES81035 3-Arc Review)!   Bye-Bye Shave Bumps, Forever (Panasonic ES81035  3-Arc Review)! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2014 7:46 am

The Panasonic ES81035  3-Arc Electric Shaver is FANTASTIC!

Electric shavers are great options for Men or Women with sensitive skin issues! All I can say is The Panasonic ES81035  3-Arc is a life saver,  and we love it!

The breakdown:
Cons: They cost too much! Electric shavers are EXPENSIVE (luckily, this one was on sale, for under $70 9so I went ahead and bought 2) Razz, still a bit over the top for a ‘shaver’, but, even on the low end they have been priced at over $150 and on the high end, over $500. people with sensitive skin issues and allergies don’t have much choice, it’s either this or waxing which adds up to a lot more over time…

Electric shavers are larger than disposable shavers, so you will need to prepare for that (the first time you try one is like the difference between trying to manicure your bikini line with hand held disposable shaver or something the size of a small blow-dryer (awkward)…) :PEven though it is hypoallergenic, people with sensitive skin will still get some irritation if used every day, so it’s still best to use up to only every other day (M W F, Sat), or 3-4 days per week only to avoid skin burn.
Ok, so it says wet-or-dry shave (which I liked, and ordered for that reason), but you definitely get a better/closer shave dry than using it wet or with shave gel.

Pros: It’s Hypoallergenic, shaves close (only a razor will give you a closer shave, so no complaints here), can be rinsed clean, and unlike disposable shavers, does NOT leave a trail of razor burn/bumps, and it can be used to safely shave your entire body (as well as a man’s face)!

It can be used easily on underarms, speedo area, bikini line area, etc. (clearing the areas in a few passes with no problem)- - I promise you, only a razor or waxing will get you a closer shave— It has this neat little sideburn groomer feature that can also be used to prep/remove those longer personal hair areas before shaving and manicure/shape the outline if you prefer to retain a modesty patch, -- and on the QT, it can even gently remove hair from a lady’s upper lip) Razz… Best of All, you can dry-shave without fear!

And the 3-Arc is waay smaller than the (albeit more powerful) 4 and 5-arc series which makes it literally much easier to handle for women’s body or/and facial hair issues, or those men with lighter facial and body hair issues in general. Once you get used to the feel of it, it only takes a light hand with only a few passes to manage a clean shave. The electric shaver video tutorials are awesome and give great examples of how to use. The description, also tells you what replacement foil accessories you need, which is very helpful as well.

Most importantly, no more underarm rashes and no more shave bumps! It’s rechargeable. It has a digital read-out that let’s you know if the power is low, and thus, needs to be charged, which doesn’t take too long either which is also convenient, so in theory, it is a unit that should last a long time with reasonable care.

A general note if you have sensitive skin or allergies: Even though this model is hypoallergenic, the friction against the skin of day-to-day shaving can still cause some degree of irritation, so again, as previously stated, it is best to adopt a 4-day-to every other day shave regimen (M W Fri Sa), instead of every day. I promise you, allowing your skin to rest a day or two between shaves will make a huge difference in the condition of your skin, especially on those more sensitive areas (face, underarms, swim zone)…

(Also: on a side note: If it is an issue, Andis has a nickel-free Titanium foil unit out now (also hypoallergenic) that is getting great reviews (at a fraction of the cost): Andis 17010 Professional Profoil Rechargable Shaver (with Titanium Foils) and for lighter areas (sideburns, upper lip, brows, etc. the pen-sized Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer is great for the small jobs and also hypoallergenic).

But, we absolutely love it, and so will anyone else! The only reason why our reviewers didn’t give it a perfect mark is because of the price —but, it was well worth the investment, and I think they can make an even smaller, more powerful unit for this purpose.

In general, a great product to invest in your personal grooming needs and even worth the price. And you will save money over time...

Electric shavers are great for ALL skin types and I promise you will see a difference within a month or less, and you will not need more expensive medical options (laser) down the road. For best results use 2-3 days per week (MF or MWF) to allow the skin to rest on non-shaving/off days.

Overall Grade: B+/A- or  About 4.25 stars!

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Bye-Bye Shave Bumps, Forever (Panasonic ES81035 3-Arc Review)!
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