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 [Condensed] Hair Chart Summary

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PostSubject: [Condensed] Hair Chart Summary   [Condensed] Hair Chart Summary Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 4:05 pm

Condensed Hair Chart Summary
Type: Straight / Subtype 1abc
If the natural hair pattern is pencil straight regardless of being wet or dry, then the hair falls into the typing category of Straight. In addition to hanging straight down [southernly] when dry straight hair is defined by its uniform absence of wave, curl or coil pattern. But, not unlike wavy hair, naturally straight hair lacks the ability to either spring or stand away from the head as is typical of both curly and coily hair types .
[Straight Hair Examples examples: Twiggy (super model/icon), Anchal Joseph (model), Fredi Washington (actress), African Empress Zaiditu/Zauditu (of Ethiopia) Jackie Chan (actor), Helen Hunt (actress), etc ].

Type: Wavy / Subtype 2abcd
If the natural hair pattern has a soft to deep ‘s’ or sideways ‘m’ pattern, to it, this falls within the typing category of wavy. Wavy hair tends to grow flatter or closer to the head and is usually less frizzy than curly or coily hair.Typically, truly ‘s’ wavy hair also hangs in a downward [southernly] direction when dry as opposed to outward and will usually stretch when wet. While being neither entirely straight nor truly curly, wavy hair still can more easily adopt the looks of either category, by: 1) Use of the right ‘curl enhancing’ products and scrunching techniques, etc. if a curled look is desired, or 2) A blow out or run through with a flat iron if straight styling is desired.
[Wavy Hair Examples: Gwyneth Paltrow (actress), Cab Calloway (jazz musician), Irene Michaels (model/actress), Thurgood Marshall (Supreme CT Justice), Yasmine Ghauri (VS model), Irene Cara (singer/actress), etc]

Type: Curly / Subtype 3abcd
If the natural hair pattern springs away from the head as opposed to ‘standing’ away from the head, and in uniform corkscrews, spirals or ‘o’-shaped figure eights and/or chain link-type or tight pen-springs or phone cord-type circular ringlets, it is curly. Curly hair is defined by a tendency to ‘loop’ or ‘link’ continuously in uniformly circular pattern throughout the head; typically, curly hair’s appearance may vary greatly from loose, long looping curls to spirals, to either very tight or fluffy ringlets. In terms of movement, curls are particularly defined by appearing to spring, flop, bounce and depending upon length may appear very shiny or dry, noodleish, poodleish, cottony, rubbery, little orphan Annie ‘froish’ or soft and fuzzy in appearance. Curly hair may stretch or shrink depending on curl pattern and the actual tightness or looseness of the curl and the same factors also make it possible for curly hair to ‘spring’ in any and all directions sometimes resulting in the Rosanne-Rosanna-Dana/triangle poofy look or little-orphan-Annie-Afro. As 3c-3d curly hair expands it can become more cottony in appearance or texture and high frizz may sometimes cause a bird’s nest like appearance.
[Curly Hair Examples: Susan Sarandon (actress), Tatyana Ali (actress), Stacey Dash (actress), Julia Roberts (actress), Carrot Top (comedian), Juliana Margulies (actress), Michael Michele (actress), Nicole Kidman (actress), Keri Russell (actress), Jasmine Guy (actress), Victoria Rowell (actress) Minnie Driver (actress), Amy Irving (actress), Tracee E. Ross (actress), Gloria Reuben (actress), Cree Summer (actress), B. Quddus Philippe (host-MTV), Philip Michael Thomas (actor), Tia & Tamera Mowry (twin actresses), Justin Timberlake (singer), Victoria Dillard (actress), Travis McCoy (singer), Corbin Bleu (actor), Richard Simmons (fitness guru), Will Ferrell (actor), Michelle Hurd (actress), Piggy Thomas (actress-MTV/RR), Holly Robinson-Peete (actress/singer), Lisa Nicole Carson (actress), Constance White (style director), Orlando Jones (actor), Anderson Varejao (pro-athlete), John Turturro (actor)].

Type: Coily / Subtype 4abc
If the natural hair’s primary pattern characteristic is more wiry [mesh, watch springs, crinkles or squiggles] in character it is coily. In contrast to the more uniform curled nature of ‘curly’ hair, coily hair is distinctly more non-uniform in nature, popping away from the head in a manner most similar to a [broken] watch spring that suddenly pops or springs out. And because of the wiry nature of coily hair, water tends to bead off of coily hair more easily. When dry, coily hair typically has a triangle formation or circular formation varying with texture. Coily hair that is very fine or squiggly or stretches in the manner of a curlier hair type when wet despite thickness or texture is 4a. Also, depending on texture- 4a and 4b hair can more easily be manipulated [without chemicals—texturizers, perms or silkeners] to take on a wide range of looks, from 3cd-ish type curled appearance to a full 4b type appearance as desired. Coily hair that has a pyramid-like, triangular hang formation with length, little to no stretch, but experiences noticeable shrinkage when wet is 4b. Coily hair that grows in decidedly circular, outwardly direction, and/or sometimes forms a distinctive ‘z’-type crooked wire pattern to crinkled look with variable shrinkage is 4c. As coily 4b-4c hair expands, it may sometimes take on a slightly wedge-like spongy appearance.
[Coily Hair Examples: Bob Ross (muralist), Tanika Ray (actress) Erika ‘Nik’ Pace (model), Carlito ‘Caribbean Cool’ Colon, Jr. (pro wrestler), Ami Brabson (actress), Nadia Turner (singer), Measha Brueggergosman (opera singer), Alex Desert (actor), India Arie (singer), Gary Dourdan (actor), Harold Perrineau (actor), Lenny Kravitz (singer) ]

Type: Cottony / Subtype 5abc
Signature cottony hair is, as its name implies very soft, cloud-like, cottony in both appearance and texture. 5a cottony hair displays, either a typical ball of cotton appearance that is the norm or fluffy, sometimes fuzzy cloud-like texture that is reminiscent of soft fluffy down [sometimes called ‘Angel’ hair] and will usually triangulate downward with great length. Although cottony 5b hair is equally ‘fluffy’, it tends to be of a denser cotton candy-like texture. And at its thickest, 5c cottony hair can be quite thick and may have a more yarn-like somewhat lamb’s wooly-to-cauliflower look and feel. In general, cottony hair has fluff and a lightness of form or ‘shape’ at any length, and is typically very billowy in nature. Unlike other hair types, when dry, cottony hair appears to float, rise or lean naturally away from the head, hence, it’s fluffy appearance. Very thick, dense cottony hair can sometimes take on a slightly more wooly-to-sponge-like appearance. Depending on texture and/or thickness, cottony hair types have greatly variable stretch or shrinkage when wet.
[Cottony Hair Examples: Leela James (singer), Solomon Eversol (actor-X-files), Arthur Ashe (tennis ace), Malik Cooper (actor-MTV/RW), Althea Gibson (tennis ace), Sophia Pasquis (actress-MTV/RR) ].

Type: Spongy / Subtype 6ab

The densest of all hair types, spongy hair also does not ‘lie’ flat, nor does it spring or bounce in the manner of a curl, but neither does it usually ‘triangulate’ downwards or display coilishness in the manner of 4a or 4b coily hair. And, distinguishes itself from all hair types in that it is neither billowy nor fluffy. Spongy hair is comprised of very densely compacted strands resulting in a wedge-like spongy appearance. In true to form, dry spongy hairs either lend themselves to a, 6a, eraser-like compact appearance, or, as in cases of exceptional thickness, a, 6b, jump out at you like ‘Heat Miser’ [as in Dr. Seuss] look. Characteristically spongy hair does not typically stretch when wet, has greatly variable shrinkage and is capable of standing stiffly erect in any direction regardless of length, (Walker).
[Spongy Hair Examples: Antonia ‘Bahamadia’ Reed (musician), Steve Harvey (actor), Eddie Griffin (actor), Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid (musician), Kelly Perine (actor), Macy Gray (singer), Don King (sports promoter), Ester Rolle (actress)].

Common Hair Sub-characteristics Occurring Across and/or Between Types
N: Normal, O: Oily, D: Dry, Silky, Satiny, Cottony, Fine, Medium, Coarse
Following the establishment of hair’s type and/or subtype, further evaluation of hair’s texture relates to assessing whether the hair is best described as Normal, Dry or Oily, and/or has Silky, Satiny or Cottony underlying characteristics as well. Either of which will significantly impact hair care maintenance and product selection. As whether your hair is Normal, Oily or Dry, fine, Medium or Coarse, etc. will determine what kind of core ingredients to look for in your cleansers, conditioners, stylers and daily grooming products.

N: Normal- Neither dry, nor oily, normal hair falls into the great divide between hair that is oily and hair that is dry. Most people with normal hair find that products formulated specifically for normal hair types, or that are appropriate for their daily hair needs will suffice.
O: Oily- Oily hair is hair that looks and/or feels oilier than other sub-textures as a result of having greater oils production and/or distribution throughout the hair and scalp. Oily hair requires clarifying more often than other hair types to alleviate oils or product buildup. Most with oily hair find use of a gentle, clarifying treatments such as baking soda or aloe vera to be sufficient.
D: Dry- Dry Hair is hair that is naturally dry to the touch and in appearance. Dry hair may range from somewhat dry to extra dry and may or may not display brittleness, also. Dry hair requires use of moisturizing products and regular use of a daily leave-in as well as weekly deep conditioning treatments formulated specifically for dry to extra-dry (or dry, brittle) hair types.
Silky- Silky soft to the touch, and is usually Normal to Oily.
Satiny- Soft hair, somewhere between silky and cottony that is usually Normal to Dry.
Cottony- Typically displays one or more ‘fluff’ hair characteristics,can be very soft to the touch, and is usually, Normal to (very) Dry.
Fine- Hair that is baby soft to the touch in texture and typically will range from very thin to medium thickness.
Medium- Hair that is not coarse to the touch, but is not quite as soft as fine hair, and is usually medium-thick to thick.
Coarse- Hair that is somewhat stiff or straw-like to the touch in texture.

Length Check Measurements:
* Pixie Length (less than 3.5inches)
* Shoulder length
* Blunt Length (2-4 inches below shoulder length)
*Bra Strap Lengths (bsl) (reaches back of the bra closure)
*Elbow Length
*Waist Length
*Hip to Butt/Bum Lengths (Classic Long Moderne Lengths)
* Mid-Thigh Length
*Knee Length
* Calf Length
*Traditional Princess Lengths (ankle to floor or/and longer lengths)
- - - - - - - - -

GHC/Goddess Hair Chart Summary & GHC Ladies (Classic) Hair Lenght & Measurement Chart Illustration reproduced from 'Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book' (updates with permissions from J. Johnson).

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[Condensed] Hair Chart Summary Empty
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[Condensed] Hair Chart Summary
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