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 Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why?

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Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why? Empty
PostSubject: Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why?   Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why? Icon_minitimeSun Mar 28, 2010 11:32 pm

Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why?

OK, so this brilliant question was posted by someone (a non-professional ofcourse) on one of them 'other' message boards clearly attempting to intimate that people associate class with anything other than intellect (plus education plus ethics/morals)…

Q: What is considered Wealthy???

A: As those of us who (actually) went to Bible study all know, What is considered 'Wealthy' cannot be described in dollars.... It is akin to attempting to associate class with monetary possessions.... Now, An (educated, poised, ethical/moral, etc..) wealthy person can be cash poor, but you can certainly distinguish such a person from someone who say, has no class (i.e., very low intellect, and lacking education, morals, dignity, etc), but suddenly wins the local mutli-million dollar lottery. Such a person would have more money (assets avail to them) but certainly would not be considered wealthy...

Like Class, quality of Wealth is relative to intellect AND Education. Highly intelligent, educated persons are wealthy regardless of whether or not they have funds for example George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are all highly intellectual, highly educated, persons of wealth... If any or all of them suddenly went financially bankrupt, they would certainly not be looked down upon as less intelligent or having less class or less status, ergo, they would still be considered as wealthy albeit cash poor so to speak...

Especially as an MD/PhD/JD+plus credentialed person is still an MD/PhD/JD+plus credentialed person regardless of whether or not they’ve been robbed…. i.e., Donald Trump is STILL Donald Trump and George W. is STILL George W. (oh and Oprah Winfrey is the same Rhodes and Presidential scholar who also went on to win Miss Tennessee and Robert Redford is STILL Robert Redford and so on and so forth...) Well, after all each person is who they are so born as… And an advanced above average smarty is still an advanced above average smarty just as an (accelerated) genius is still an (accelerated) genius no matter what, know what I mean…?

But, if you must assign a numerical amount to what wealth is, if each year after paying your bills, taxes and balancing your budget you still had a hard fiduciary (financial) net worth of about 800,000,000m (eight-hundred-milliondollars or so), and you had ATLEAST a graduate Master's level of education under your belt, AND a reasonably good/consistent credit history and (the obvious) no violent criminal offenses, you just might be considered wealthy to some people somewhere... So ok there's wealth and there's WEALTH (intelligence+class+education), ya know...?

But a dummy who wins the lottery is still just a dummy [i.e., an otherwise unemployable/unqualified person (who isn’t likely to have the foresight to hire a good auditor/financial attorney to protect his assets) – hint to lottery winners intended] --Know what I mean..?

The answer might seem a bit strange to the non-intellectual/uneducated, but it was a very odd question [to the educated (medical and other professionals) folks and such]....

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Q and A for the Day: Does Money Really Matter and Why?
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